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Re: CD edition

On ven, 28 avr 2000, Francois-Rene Rideau à écrit

>Now, I agree that if some documents are only helpful BEFORE the linux
>box is sufficiently functional to generate the PDF, then it might be
>useful to provide PDF for these documents only.

not anybody have a pdf capable box! My experience is also than pdf is very
long to print and not always so nice (gs is usually much better).

However, I didn't want to create a flameware on that subject. I mean only
that the basic stuff must be sgml and html, the other formats are wellcome
(and I whould like very much a msword copy, to make the transition easier
for this people) if anybody can maintain them. As many formats available
as many new linux user. But this should not be a real concern for us. there
are more important things.

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